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"I have worked with DMI both as a client and as a candidate for over 5 years. As a client, DMI’s approach is that of a true business partner. By taking the time to understand the company’s needs and constraints, DMI always manage to propose candidates that are an excellent fit with our talent profiles and budgets. DMI invest in you as a candidate, seeking to truly understand your profile and motivations so that they can facilitate successful placements both professionally and culturally. DMI are a truly professional organization that can be trusted to act with total discretion and with the patience to cope with the unforeseeable events of executive recruitment.”
Nicolas Richter, Glenview gmbh
Formerly, VP Product Management, Corporate Development & Marketing, Betafence NV

“Dahl-Morrow International knows how to leverage their contacts and leads to fit our hiring managers' needs. They are experts in our particular technology space. This has been a highly competitive time in the tech industry and they consistently bring us vetted and qualified candidates. We’ve also seen good retention with these new hires. Dahl-Morrow International understands that internally we strive for a 52-day placement from requisition to onboarding. This means they have to work harder, and they do, candidate after candidate.”
Angela Galyean, Vice President of Human Resources, Intelsat
DMI is a global leader in executive search, interim management and strategic staffing and partnering.

Whether local, regional, national or international, we have the industry knowledge, the depth of experience and the recruitment services our clients require. DMI offers solutions.
Executive Search (C-Level, VP, Director & Technology Experts)
Solutions for Now® Interim Management
M&A By Design℠
Diversity & Retention Strategies
Strategic Partnering
Executive Search
At DMI we know there’s much more to an effective executive team than selecting people with only the "hard" skills. We are leaders in the executive search field and are not your average 'headhunters' — our industry insight and global network empower us to place the right executives at the right companies. DMI achieves exceptional results by collaborating with our clients. We invest our time, energy and experience to understand our client's corporate culture, financial imperatives, strategic goals, diversity and staffing requirements.

Our collaborative solutions include an in-depth understanding of:

Your business environment and your organizational goals
Your corporate culture and personnel structure
Your measures of success
Where your firm wants to go and at what pace

Successful solutions come from studying your competitors, knowing their clients and their personnel. We want to know everything, so that we may serve you in the best and most thorough way possible.

We don’t just find the world’s best talent. We find the world’s best talent for your company. Synergy is everything. Collaboration makes it happen.
Solutions for Now® Interim Management
With our extensive international network, we can find highly qualified people to fill any position for any length of time, and we can do it immediately. With DMI's Solutions for Now® your firm won’t lose that window of opportunity. We give you the right people — right away.

For example, when a company was recently faced with the untimely departure of a senior executive and knew they couldn’t afford to leave that position vacant while they conducted a search for a replacement, they turned to DMI for help. DMI immediately utilized Solutions for Now® to expeditiously provide the senior talent to bridge the gap while conducting a thorough executive search was conducted.

DMI's Solutions for Now® fills the positions you need right away so that you can continue moving your business forward. That’s Solutions for Now® — immediate results for interim management.
M&A By Design℠
M&A By Design℠ was developed to create additional value in and increase long-term success of our clients’ transactions. We will collaborate with your legal and financial advisors throughout the process. Our partnership brings together the combined expertise that will ensure the long-term success of transactions for your organization.

The global M&A opportunities present in today’s business environment offer advantages of all kinds: access to new markets, expanded product, service or IP portfolios, decreased competition and other strategic advantages. If you are considering the M&A path for your company, we provide the solutions to position your transaction to be one of the 30% that SUCCEED.

Similar to trying to put a three prong plug into a two-prong outlet, a misalignment of leadership, cultures, operations, or communication during (and after) a transaction can cause the deal to “short circuit” and the organization to struggle after the deal is complete (if it even gets to completion at all). Use our expertise to uncover potential issues, address the challenges of integration, and help ensure the long-term success of your transaction.
Diversity & Retention Strategies
The current workforce is rapidly evolving, and therefore so must an organization’s demographics. To effectively measure Diversity & Retention gaps, and strategize on retention solutions, DMI begins with collaborating with the C-Suite to fully understand the evolution of your Diversity, Inclusion & Retention program to ensure your organization is poised, from the human capital approach, for continued growth and economic success.
Strategic Partnering
Our worldwide reach and strong relationships enable us to introduce companies in competitive markets. Through our in-depth industry knowledge and worldwide contacts, DMI offers strategic partnering for our clients to help them continue to grow and succeed. We can help companies build strong relationships through successful partnering, acquisition, strategic alliances and other collaborative ventures. We work with a range of start-ups and companies that are retooling an existing business or reaching for the next level.
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